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Out now on Bit Riot Records!

Cyanotic's Transhuman 2.0 and mindFluxFuneral's teatro deRevelación are in stores now! Find these titles anywhere in stores or online where WTII releases like Stromkern, Beborn Beton and In Strict Confidence can be found.

BR6002: Cyanotic - Transhuman 2.0

Transhuman 2.0 started as Sean Payne and Chris Hryniewiecki entering the studio to record some bonus tracks for Transhuman. Working with producer Jason Prost of mindFluxFuneral, the band found themselves heavily manipulating pre-created Transhuman tracks and creatively restructuring them. During this time, many noted guests jumped at the chance to be a part of the process. Transhuman 2.0 features members of Front Line Assembly, 16 Volt, Crack Nation, Rabbit Junk and mindFluxFuneral who all lent their creative talents to the mix.

The end result was Transhuman 2.0, a sonic assault of epic proportions with 12 new and evolved tracks based off of the original Tranhuman album as well as 4 club remixes. Both discs mastered by Chris Cozort at Trozoc Studios. This release marks the beginning of a new era of the creative chaos that is Cyanotic and the release that Cyanotic fans have been thirsty for.

The official Track Listing:

Disc 1: Transhuman 1.0 (Remastered Reissue Included With The Limited Edition 2xCD))

1. frequency in cycles
2. order out of chaos
3. insurgence
4. transhuman
5. deface
6. axiom
7. suspension of disbelief
8. actuator
9. sensory deprivation
10. ebta blocker
11. antithesis
12. higher states of consciousness

Disc 2:  Transhuman 2.0

1. frequency (recycled)
2. sensory overload
3. resurgence
4. chaos incarnate
5. transhuman 2.0
6. deface (the glitch mode stomper)
7. pro-dissonance
8. (paranoid) disbelief
9. axi-ethereum
10. LD 50
11. beta blocker (detox)
12. altered states of consciousness
13. transhuman (mix by Drukore)
14. sensory deprivation (mix by mindFluxFuneral)
15. deface (mix by Deadliner)
16. suspension of disbelief (mix by Perileyes)

Please note that this limited edition double disc was priced as a regular LP as a special thank you to all of Cyanotic's fans! This is a great bargain for new cyanotic listeners as well as a strong value to existing Cyanotic fans. Order now before the limited edition copies are all gone!

To learn more about Cyanotic visit www.myspace.com/cyanoticonline or www.cyanotic-online.com.

Click Here To Order Transhuman 2.0 Limited Edition 2xCD

BR6001: mindFluxFuneral - teatro deRevelación

After a decade of passive resistance mindFluxFuneral has returned with an arsenal of pounding rhythms, sampled textures, and empowering vocals, that seem to demand we rise up and stand together, because… "We are all actors in the teatro deRevelación." - mindFluxFuneral

The duo, consisting of Anthony Smith and Jason Prost, have been steadily building a following in the Chicago underground scene since 93' and have been compared to late 80's/early 90's industrial leaders Ministry, Skinny Puppy, and KMFDM. In 99' mindFluxFuneral's full-length release birthmark sold an impressive 5k, asserting their position in the industry as one of the leaders in "aggressive Electro-Industrial".

Their second and latest album teatro deRevelacion reinforces this position with a fierce rebirth of past sounds that expand into a powerful new sonic environment, supplying the masses with their future club anthems. Adding to this sonic chaos are featured performances by guest artists from Chiasm, Mechanism and Marazene.

The official Track Listing:

1. don't fall back
2. no man
3. lies
4. shutdown
5. you and i
6. cuts the skin
7. soul and substance
8. skinLoader [brap mix]
9. retribution
10. whore
11. you belong to me

To learn more about mindFluxFuneral visit www.myspace.com/mindfluxfuneral.

Click Here To Order teatro deRevelación

To order these titles visit our store at www.bitriotrecords.com our partner store at www.wtiirecords.com.
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